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18th December
written by Mike

Question: What are some ways go grow taller Naturally?

Answer 1

Well there is not too much you can do a lot of it has to do with genetics. There are ways you can help your body grow while you are going through your growth spurts.

The most important things are:
Diet and sleep.
Be well rested all the time and make sure you eat lots of food and make sure it is healthy food.

Answer 2

In the Search for questions slot type in “grow taller naturally” and you will get at least 50 results.

Answer 3

This is the right age to grow taller. Start changing the way you sleep, sit and walk. Sleep straight, sit erect and walk steady. Do stretching and bending exercises as per instructions from some experts. Play basket ball or any other game that can stretch your joints at all places.

Answer 4

To promote NORMAL growth you need plenty of protein, calcium and zinc and a deficiency can STUNT your normal growth. There is plenty of zinc in red meat, oysters, mussels, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Growth pills will only help your NORMAL growth so you don’t really need them.

HGH injections by a doctor can only help you if you are actually deficient in HGH and you are still growing. The side effects can be quite horrendous.

Unfortunately there is NO way to grow faster than NORMAL, no matter what you do or eat or drink and people who believe otherwise probably believe in Santa Claus as well.

In eighth grade you are probably 13 so most likely you will have 5 years of growing ahead of you and hopefully your growth spurt is just around the corner. Males usually stop growing at 18 and often earlier and sometimes later.

Answer 5

There are unfortunately no proven techniques to increase height. However, intense exercise has been shown to increase Growth Hormone, which may kick start some vertical growth. While height is mostly genetic, it’s important not to lose heart. At your age, it’s entirely possible if not likely that you still have a big growth spurt coming, so don’t despair. But should you not grow any taller, coming from another fairly short person, just know I’ll always have your back :)

Answer 6

Drink foods that are high in calcium like milk and yogurt. Try to drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day to get the results you want. Also sleep 8 1/2 hour to 9hour of sleep. Exercise and workout and most importantly do stretching especially your muscles in the leg. Don’t worry men stop growing till 21 possibly 25 depending how healthy you are. Start right know and you’ll be happy. Do not and i repeat do not worry about and feel miserable as to how short you are. Forget about it and one day you notice a big difference. Trust me from my experience. I was 5′ 2″ when i was in 7th grade. Now I’m 24 And guess what through all the hard work I’m 5′ 9.”

15th December
written by Mike

Question: Is There Any Way To Grow Taller After 20?

Answer 1

Girls usually stop growing at 15. Growth after 19 is highly unlikely but if your growth plates are still open then further growth is still possible and perhaps you could gain as much as an inch. The absolute deadline for females is 21.

A bone X-ray can determine whether or not your growth plates are still open. Once they are closed no further growth is possible.

Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for “how to grow taller naturally”.

To be a dwarf (or midget) you have to be shorter than 4’10 or 147 cm so you are at least 4 inches taller than a dwarf (or midget).

Answer 2

get a stretching machine! no soz i think you have stopped growing now
but someone who is 14 is like 6ft something and he smokes and someone was going “why do you smoke its well bad bla bla bla” and i said, looking right up at him “yeah and it stunts your growth!”
ps don’t start smoking

Answer 3

This is quite difficult to grow after your development and growth stage. However, there are some possibilities – if you exercise a lot, and do plenty of stretches five+ times a day. Also as you’ve probably heard all the time, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and include nuts and yogurt in your diet, which are good for growth as well.
The best possible exercises you could do are basketball, netball and any other sports/exercise that includes a fair bit of jumping, stretching and so on.

Also, in everyday life make sure you continually keep your back and neck straight as much as you can.
Yoga and pilates are quite useful too. One great stretch you could try is lie on your back with arms stretched up above you and point your feet down. Then just pretend you’re trying to grab something. Hold for at least 20 seconds, then repeat a few times.

Answer 4

There’s no healthy way to grow after 20. Your genes are pretty tired out, to be honest. People used to stretch themselves, but this did more harm than good – spinal injuries etc. You might have to live with it. Or wear the kind of shoes Harry Hill does.

Answer 5

People generally stop growing around their mid twenties – that’s when your body stops renewing cells properly and you begin to degrade. Up until then you’ve got a chance. You’ll notice the change when you cut yourself and it takes much longer to heal than it used to and scars more.

Good luck and eat a lot of proteign rich foods, the lack of red meat in the Japanease diet led to the stereotype of them all being short (they were). Since the introduction of western quisine the average height in Japan has increased significantly.

Answer 6

As far as natural growth is concerned, It isnt about depends ow far on you are on puberty, i.e. If your growth plates have merged or not. If you started puberty just a while ago..then you will probably grow a few inches.

However if you have already passed this stage in your life..then Im really not sure.

12th December
written by Mike

Question: I am 19 years old male 5’8 in height and I am unhappy about it. Is it possible to grow any taller after puberty?

Answer 1

You don’t have to be unhappy about your height! You’re within what I call the common range for guys, which is either 5’6″-6’2″ or 5’8″-6’2″. Some people have to end up being the shorter person and that’s just life. You still have a year left of possible growth, but you’re already at a fine height. You have great options for dating; you can date cute girls who are around 5’2″ like a previous girl said and many shorter girls are very attractive; they will definitely like a 5’8″ guy!

Answer 2

Unfortunately at 19, it is very unlikely that you will grow any taller, unless you went through puberty at a very late age (say 16/17 y/o). Why are you “very unhappy” – you are simply on the lower side of the average male height range. Unless you desperately want to be a basketball player, it’s your personality that counts, not your height. Concentrate on becoming a good listener and talker, and making people laugh. If you are good at those social skills, people (especially women) will not even notice how tall you are.

Answer 3

You should be done with growing by now. However the amount of sleep you get directly impacts growth since you grow while you are asleep. Try getting plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. Also take a multivitamin everyday. The chances that you could grow diminish more with time. But if you are going to grow anymore it would be in the next year.

Answer 4

Usually you will grow taller for 2-3 years after menarche (The onset of menstruation) so chances are you are not done growing yet.
My daughter is 13 and started her period 3 years ago. She’s still getting taller. She grew another inch this summer bringing her to 5 feet 8 inches tall.

As for the milk suggestions, although calcium is good for your body it will not make you taller.
Bones do not grow throughout their length. They grow from growth centers, called the epiphysis, near their ends. When a person reaches puberty, growth centers close one after the other until all the growth centers are closed forever and a person’s bones can never grow again. After that, a person can grow wider, but not taller.

Answer 5

time will do it for you and maybe it shall be more than you want because growing up does not stop after puberty but it continues until you are nearly 21 years old
so i shall wait for another 8 years and look for a question from you complaining that you are too tall for your be loving man
Cheer up

Answer 6

Well I don’t know if it will work but Trying drinking alot of extra milk, it has calcium and a lot of vitamins in it to help your bones grow string so try this!! lol good luck and if u do find out plz!! tell me!!! I know im going to get mine really soon and im 5’2 right now and my doc says I’m going to be 5’6 and I really want to b taller than that! =] lol well good luck byes!!! =]

Answer 7

Because of your fathers height you may get a little taller or you may not. People do still grow after puberty; you can grow into your mid 20s. But don’t think you’ll get to 6ft either; generally you may only gain another inch or two.

8th December
written by Mike

Hi everyone!

Many people asked me in the last weeks about “HGH releasers” and if they really
helpful for growing taller.

So do HGH releasers can really help us to grow taller?

Well, If you are stuck with a short height and are desperate to add some few inches to your length,
taking HGH supplements can well be an option, but it not the only and ultimate solution to short stature.

There are some other points too which need to be taken care of, if you are in search for a way to grow
taller, faster and naturally.

You should understand that just taking HGH supplements alone
will NOT make you grow taller (I wish that it was so easy!).

You need to combine it with specialized exercises, stretches, proper diet and more.

Programs like Grow Taller 4 Idiots can show you how to grow taller naturally and safely through all these aspects.

However, like I told you before, combining HGH releaser with one of these programs can maximize
your growth potential and give you the best results.

So what are the best HGH releasers today and what you should know before buying any HGH releaser?

Firstly, beware of beneficial claims of HGH made by quacks and buy only from reputed manufactures.

Many HGH marketers will make you believe that HGH can solve a variety of human deficiencies.
They claim that taking HGH supplements will strengthen your immune system, grow thick hair
on a bald head, build muscle fast making you look like a bodybuilder, increase your stamina and
improve your sex life, improve your memory like never before, improve your vision to perfection,
burn down fat without exercising or giving up your favorite junk foods;

This list can just go on and on. If all these claims were true, there would be no illness around,
everyone would have the perfect body without doing anything and we would all be living
in a world where nothing could be made more perfect.

All these claims are usually made to sell HGH supplements that are very expensive and would
not sell otherwise.

The second thing that you want to do is to check that you get at least 45 days 100% money back
guarantee for the HGH releaser, so you can always ask for your money back if you don’t like the product.

There are about 3-4 manufactures today that sell HGH releaser products and have good reputation
but in my opinion the HGH Energizer releaser is the best choice.

HGH Energizer is rated as the number #1 HGH releaser in many professional health websites and it’s
a quality product from “Natural Products Association”.

Unlike many other HGH products this product has NO side effects if taken right.
You can learn about it when you take a look at the HGH Energizer Ingredients

Another thing that I really liked about this product is the fact that they give
you 90 days 100% money back guarantee for the HGH Energizer.

In other words it’s a 100% no risk money back guarantee that gives you 90 days to try the formula.
If you don’t absolutely LOVE the results, then you will get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Important Update

I just noticed that now you can get a free trial of the HGH Energizer product, meaning that you can try the product before you buy it, for free!
It’s a limited time offer and I don’t know when it will expire so I hope that you will benefit from this special offer.

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7th December
written by Mike

Today I want to give you 10 easy tips to grow taller naturally that I think everyone can apply.
If you always wonder how to grow taller quickly, without having to take in growth pills that are not effective at all this post is for you.

I must say that these tips can help you to get taller but you need to put some time and work if you want them to work for you. Ready? Here we go…

1. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to exercise, but before you do those hard-core exercises, you may want to do some stretching first. You can do this while you are still lying down on the bed, to waken up your senses. Firstly stretch your arms as if you were pulling it up, and then stretch your legs downward, as if you were pulling it down. Doing this every morning before you wake up would help increase your height fast.

2. It is also important that when you feel tired after exercising, you should rest. Your body needs to regain its energy to do other things, so better take those short naps for about half an hour, then after you can go back to your different chores.

3. Breathing is also a good exercise in the morning. Go ahead, and take some deep breaths. Inhale deep with your nose, hold your breath, and then exhale with your mouth. Do this repetitively to fill your lungs with oxygen.

4. You need enough sunshine in the body so, it’s very recommended to go outdoors and expose yourself into the early morning sunshine. The sun provides us vitamin D, which is a necessary nutrient needed by the body.

5. After your daily exercises, you should end it up with doing some massages in particular points of your body, to stimulate your growth hormones. Massage can be a great form of exercise, and at the same time, a form of relaxation for you.

6. Now, you can start those exercises that you have in mind. You may begin with walking outside. Walking is a very good exercise that may be done in every hour that you want.

7. Don’t forget that you should maintain a very good posture. So not slouch when you are sleeping . Let your stomach in and put your chest out. Your chin should always be in an upright position to maintain that posture, In doing this, you will feel that you are indeed taller.

8. Do not forget to drink plenty of water during the day. You need water to keep you from dehydration and to replenish the lost moisture in your body while exercising.

9. When you are about to sleep at night, you should always remember to keep your back flat on the bed to straighten out the spine.

10. Last tip but not the least, you should avoid cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. Unhealthy habit won’t lead you to your success in growing taller faster. Instead it would hinder you to do so, because of the toxic it gives your body.

Remember these 10 tips and you are on the right way to grow taller naturally, good luck!

4th December
written by Mike

Height is not the typical thing that everybody talks about, but it is absolutely important to build some sense of self-confidence for oneself.

Those who are interested in getting taller, have gone through different programs and have taken in some supplements to achieve an increase in height. For any reason they have, it’s because they would like to improve their appearance, to be more appealing to others.

You will find some misconceptions pertaining to the ages where human experience growing tall. Human growth hormones are automatically generated in our system throughout our lives.

What is important in growing tall, is that we should be able to maintain a chemical balance in our balance, besides, have the capability to rejuvenate cells, so we can generate more of those growth hormones.

You are probably wondering why during a person’s puberty stage, he or she gains that boost in height. There is this period in life what we call the growth spurt. This is somewhat the occurrence of a sudden discharge of growth hormones that is due to chemical reaction at this stage of human growth and development.

As boys and girls look into the subject of growing tall, a certain bracket of their age would indicate a growth spurt that would last for about a year.

At this age bracket, boys and girls would be experiencing height increases, wherein they would have the capability to grow taller fast in inches, throughout the duration of a couple of years. After this period, the growth rate would be slower until it reaches the normal state.

This growth spurt experience may vary from one person to another. In growing tall at this stage, it is highly recommended that one keeps a healthy lifestyle.

This would then allow an individual to maximize the duration where the growth hormones are active. During this important time one should be free from stress and worries, and should be more cautious in acquiring diseases. If you are sick, you’ll have less chances of getting taller at this stage.

What you really want to make sure of, is that you get the right nutrition from the food that you eat, you are hydrated properly by drinking plenty of water, you engage in routine exercises everyday to keep your posture and stretch those bones besides, sleeping for at least 9 hours, to regain the energy you lost every day.

It is not just a hereditary factor why one person grows tall. Try to focus on the things that can contribute to growing tall, and those that you can control from your end, and you’ll definitely gain that height that you want.
That’s all for today, I hope that these growing taller tips will help you soon…

1st December
written by Mike

In this post I’m going to discuss about something really important: Our growth hormones.

Usually, Gaining Height has to do with the growth hormones present in our body. These hormones are chemical components that are being produced by the endocrine glands in our system. These hormones flow in our bloodstream, and are being distributed in other parts of your body for promoting growth and development.

Growth hormones have some functions, one is through promoting growth and regulating it according to what the body needs and can deal with. While another function would be stimulating other hormones to mass produce, and perform their function for other organs correspondingly.

Knowing how important growth hormones are in Increasing Height, there are people who look for ways to grow taller through the use of man-made procedures like injections , as well as, growth hormone-releasing products.

There are some amino acids that are being used to produce these growth products, and they are actually being mass produced even without prescription. Body builders, are those who usually make use of these growth hormone-releasing products available in the market today.

It is not recommended for most of us to take in self medications which involves these amino acid products. There is a recommended dosage that one has to take note before taking in these cures.

If these products are not used properly, it could lead to different side effects that may be detrimental to one’s health, like for instance headache, drowsiness, high blood pressure, hair loss, nervousness, and other complications.

So instead of trying out these cures, you may find methods to grow taller naturally by doing routine exercises on a daily basis, eat healthy foods and get some sleep. In doing this, you can promote more growth hormone release in your body.

It is important that you keep away from bad habits such as alcohol and cigarettes, which could also hinder you from gaining height naturally.
Follow these tips and you are on the right way to of growing taller, good luck!

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