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10th April
written by Mike

There are a lot of stretching exercises designed for height increasing and in this post I will show you 4 easy exercises that will help you get taller even after puberty. The only catch to those exercises is that you need to stay dedicated to performing them on a consistent basis.
Ready? Lets go…

Exercises Number 1 To Grow Taller – The Yawn

This is a easy exercise you are able to do practically everywhere. Simply stand straight and put your arms behind the head. Then proceed to bend the torso backwards thus stretching the spine. This is basically like a standing bridge exercise. Do this exercise slow and stretch gradually. Feel the spine stretching and get back to standing position. Do each repetition for about five seconds in the morning preferably.

Exercises Number 2 For Growing Taller – Swimming

Swimming is one grow taller exercise that many individuals do. Swimming with the crawl style is an example of a stretching exercise. Based on some research, a high-intensity stretching exercise produces growth hormone and improves the possibilities of any individual to grow taller. Try to stretch maximally by doing your crawl stroke. The more intensity you apply, the higher your body be able to produce hormones. You might do the swimming work out at least two times every week and for twenty to thirty minutes.

Exercises Number 3 To Grow Taller – Leg Stretch

You’ll need a chair for this work out. It’s done by standing behind the chair and holding on to backrest. Then you need to thrust your leg backwards while maintaining a straight spine and stretching the leg as far as possible with out injuring yourself. When finished with one leg, proceed to do the work out with the other. You may want to warm up a bit before this work out for the reason that it’s something your body hasn’t used to be doing and you may injure yourself if performing this exercise with full force and with out warm-up.

Exercises Number 4 To Grow Taller – The Bowl

Another one of the grow taller stretching exercises is “the bowl”. You should start this exercise by lying on the floor, face down, with the legs and arms extended. Lift both legs and arms simultaneously as high as you can, relaxing and do this every few seconds.

If you’re trying to grow taller naturally, grow taller exercises needs to be a critical component of your regimen. Mix these stretching exercises with proper diet and enough rest, and you will get taller without surgery or expensive drugs.

All the best!

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