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4th April
written by Mike

Few days ago I mentioned some useful spine lengthening exercises that can help you grow taller.
Aside from our spine, our legs contain several of the longest bones in the human body.
Surrounding these bones are many ligaments, tendons and muscles which can inhibit full
extension of the leg bones.

As such, it’s important for anyone desiring more height to maximize the length of their legs using
the right leg lengthening exercises.

The exercises below will be used to lengthen your legs:

Leg Lengthening Exercises – Cycling

In order for cycling to help your legs get longer, you will need to raise the seat of your bike
approximately 3 – 4 inches higher than normal. It may be a bit more difficult at first to ride your
bike in this manner, but doing this is one of the best ways to force your legs to stretch and

For safety, you may want to experiment with this on a stationary exercise bike first. Cycle for 15 – 20 minutes every other day (3 times per week) at a moderate pace.

Leg Lengthening Exercises – Jumping Rope

Relive your childhood and break out the jump rope. Jumping rope puts a lot of stress on your
shins which, when combined with proper rest afterwards, will help to lengthen your legs.

For maximum stress, jump with both of your legs at the same time. Remember to keep your
body weight on the balls of your feet. Perform as many jumps as you can for 5 minutes.

Jump rope every other day (3 times per week). Specifically, jump rope on the days when you are
NOT cycling.

Leg Lengthening Exercises – Sprints

Sprinting is simply running as fast as you can for a very short distance. There are two ways is
which sprints will help you to develop longer legs:

1. Sprints (a.k.a. interval training) helps to temporarily boost the amount of growth hormone
secreted by the pituitary gland, which in turn helps to initiate growth.

2. Sprints are one of the best ways to stress your leg bones very quickly. In fact, if you only
had time for one leg exercise activity on a given day, then doing a few sprints would be the
best choice.

Be careful when doing sprints because you can easily develop shin splints if you overload yourself with too many sprints and not enough rest. For sufficient growth, you will only need to do 4-6 sprints of 40-60 yards 3 days a week.

Leg Lengthening Exercises – Jumping

There are 2 recommended jumps. The first jump is to jump up onto a bench and jump back off. You can do this with both legs or 1 leg at a time. You can get more done by doing both legs at the same time. These will be rapid jumps. Each jump will last less than 1 second. Do 10 jumps then rest 30 seconds.

The second jump will be to jump as high as you can. The primary goal is to extend your legs fully. Keep your legs straight while in the air and your feet directly under you. Land on the balls of your feet – not on your heels.
These are more intense and require more resting. Do a jump then rest 5-15 seconds depending on your fitness level.

Leg Lengthening Exercises – Swimming

Like I mentioned in the useful spine lengthening exercises post, I highly recommend doing the breast stroke. Master this stroke and you will notice results. Try doing 15-20 minutes of the breast stroke over a period of 30 minutes.

Follow these leg lengthening exercises and you will be able to increase your height faster.


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