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17th June
written by Mike

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since my last post here and I’m really happy to come back!
In this post I will focus on several of the best exercises to grow taller fast and naturally.

Exercises to grow taller are really great because they can help you to grow taller and in addition they can also help you to look taller by becoming more slender and muscular.

We all know that slim and muscular guys look taller than the fat ones and that’s the main reason you should try to shed these extra fats from your body by regular exercising.

Listed below are some of the best exercises to grow taller fast that can help you to add few inches to your height and at the same time to lose your extra pounds:

Exercise Number 1 To Grow Taller Fast – Twist

The goal with the “twist” exercise is to twist your spine. This is an exercise people will often find quite difficult initially since their spine has grown very inflexible with time. Your lower spine especially suffers from compression due to the fact that most of the time you are in a seated position.

To perform this exercises simply stand in a doorway facing the frame of the door. Plant your feet firmly into the floor and use the frame as a leaver, on the same time push your body around as much as you can. It’s important to push your head too and stretch your entire spine from the bottom to the top. Do this exercise in both directions to ensure balance.

Exercise Number 2 To Grow Taller Fast – The Straight Leg Up

The straight leg up is another very good exercise as your legs are projected in the air which makes your back muscles strong. If you prefer, you can also lie face down and then raise your legs up to achieve the same results.

Exercise Number 3 To Grow Taller Fast – Crunches

Crunches is one of the most popular exercises to grow taller fast. You can lie on your back and perform crunches as you bend forwards at your stomach. Another version of this exercise involves standing up and then bending on each side from the waist. These are known as side crunches and they can also be done with weights in your hands. The two versions of this exercise can really help in reducing your love handles and stomach and also stretch your spine for increased height.

Exercise Number 4 To Grow Taller Fast – The Yoga Cobra Stretch

The “Yoga Cobra Stretch” is probably the best known spine lengthening posture these days. Begin by lying on the floor with your palms underneath your shoulders. Pull your back up and then slowly arching your spine as much as possible. Hold this figure for about ten seconds before repeating.

Exercise Number 5 To Grow Taller Fast – “Good Morning”

Good morning is another popular exercise to grow taller fast. Good mornings target your lower back. You can use this interchangeably with the back extension if you have access to the proper equipment. In case you are new to exercise, start out by using a broomstick or a light empty barbell.

Put the broomstick on the shoulders behind your head as if you were going to perform squats. The Good Morning exercise is performed by poking your butt backwards until the upper body is parallel to the bottom. A common mistake with this exercise is to think “bend over at the waist.” You should think “sitting back” when performing this exercise for best results.

These 5 exercises can really help you to grow taller fast and at the same time to lose weight and look taller then you are.
Don’t forget that you should also perform anaerobic exercises like swimming and cycling to increase your stamina and to improve your overall health.

That’s it for today, hope that these exercises to grow taller fast will be helpful for you, take care!


How To Grow Taller Naturally – My Story

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